Parochial Church Council (The PCC)

To serve on the PCC, you must be on the Electoral Roll of the parish and you can only vote in PCC elections if you are on the roll. An application form to go on the roll can be downloaded here. Please read the notes carefully. If you're not sure you are eligible to go on the roll, please speak to a Church Warden, or the Electoral Roll Officer, Michael Peak.

The PCC is a group of democratically elected persons who are regular attenders at services, some of whom fulfil roles of particular responsibility such as Church Treasurer or Secretary to the PCC or who are active in the parish and beyond in matters of social responsibility. All PCC members are Trustees of a registered charity, and are required by the Charity Commission to be DBS checked and to sign a declaration that they are not excluded from serving in that role.

The PCC has a right to be consulted on all matters of importance concerning church and parish and they have a right to express an opinion.

They have a duty to co-operate with the incumbent to promote mission in the parish.

They have a right to make decisions about money and they are responsible for the maintenance and insurance of church property.

They have a right to be consulted on major changes e.g. new incumbent, changes in forms of worship, priest's vestures, pastoral schemes and acquisition of property.

Meeting are held at regular intervals and the minutes of these meetings are available for all to see. If parishioners have concerns about parish matters they should approach a member of the P.C.C in order that their concern can be discussed at the next meeting.

The Standing Committee is a sub-group of the PCC, which meets to agree the agenda and can make decisions in between main meetings where necessary.

Extraordinary meetings can be called at any time if a matter arises which may require urgent attention.

The members are young people, middle aged and older people, ranging from Year 12 at school to those of pensionable age. They present a diversity of backgrounds thus bringing a balanced view to discussions and decisions. Membership can bring a very real sense of belonging.