Giving to Morecambe Parish Church

Giving to Morecambe Parish Church

Many of us will have known that sinking feeling when we see the collection plate coming round and we realise we have no money to give. And yet, we want to play our part in ensuring that church's life and ministry has the necessary resources to grow and flourish.

How can I give?

Anyone can make a donation at any time by putting money on the collection plate at a service, texting a donation (see below) or sending in a cheque payable to PCC Holy Trinity with St Laurence Church. However, regular giving is the most effective way to support the ministry of MPC.

Regular Giving

To help you to give regularly in a planned way, there are two options:

Standing Order

If you have a current account, the best way to give regularly is by standing order. You just need to complete a simple form, with the amount you wish to give monthly. You then send the form to our treasurer, and they will forward it to your bank. Only the treasurer and stewardship recorder will see this information.

Weekly Giving Envelopes

If you prefer, you can have a special set of envelopes, which have the dates of every Sunday on them. You just put your weekly gift in the dated envelope and place it in the collection on Sunday. If you don't make it to church one week , you just put your donation in the next weekly envelope and bring them along next time you get to church. If you fill in a Gift Aid form (see below) the donations are logged against the donor number on your envelopes. Only our stewardship secretary has the list of donors and numbers, so your giving is kept confidential. Contact Val Vose, our stewardship recorder, for a set of envelopes.

Already Set Up for Planned Giving?

Great! You're already making a difference. Now is a good time to review what you give, and if you're able to use Gift Aid but haven't signed up yet, read on...

Gift Aid

If you pay income tax (or capital gains tax) then you can cover all donations made by standing order or weekly envelopes with a Gift Aid form. Once you have filled one in, we can claim back 25p for every £1 you give from the taxman at no cost to yourself. For example, if you gave £10 per week, that would total £520 in a year and we would then be able to claim an extra £130 back. It makes a big difference!

What Should I Give?

No-one can make that decision for you. It's something you need to think and pray about. Here's a few guidelines:

"Of your own do we give you"

Familiar words used in our communion service, taken from 1 Chronicles 29. We are stewards of all that God has entrusted to us. Our giving needs to reflect that.

"On the first day of the week, each one of you" (1 Corinthians 16:2)

Christian giving is something that needs to be regular and planned. If we sincerely want to give, then we need to make sure it happens. It's also important we are all involved to share the responsibility. Many churches and charities have to rely too much on a small number of committed donors.

The Widow's Mite

In this story Jesus teaches that the measure of our giving isn't the actual amount we give. Our generosity is shown in the commitment shown. The widow gave a much greater proportion of her money than the wealthy did, even though their gifts were bigger. Our giving should be in proportion to our income. 

Many Christians follow the Biblical principle of giving 10% of their income away (tithing). For many years, the Church of England has commended 5% of income as a target for giving to the church (that's £1 a week for every £1,000 per year earned.) Whatever % we decide on, it's a good principle to review our giving regularly.


God loves a cheerful giver, says 2 Corinthians 9:7. In the original language, the word for cheerful is also the word we get 'hilarious' from. Giving shouldn't be something that causes us guilt or resentment; it is our opportunity to help make things happen. 

How you can make a difference

The challenge to us all is to respond in giving. If you have settled at Morecambe Parish Church, then please consider giving regularly by standing order or through the envelope scheme. It really helps the church to have people committed to give. And the key thing is actually to do something about it.

The Next Steps

- Download a standing order form here, and send it to our Treasurer.

- If you're a taxpayer, download a Gift Aid form here and send it to our Stewardship Recorder, Val Vose, or include it with your standing order form

- If you'd prefer to give weekly, simply email our Stewardship Recorder, Val Vose at, asking for a set of planned giving envelopes.

Text Giving

You can now donate to Morecambe Parish Church by text direct from your mobile phone. E.g. if you send MORC45 £3 to 70070 it will make a donation of £3 to funds.

You can replace the £3 with £1, £2, £5 or even £10 if you prefer. It will cost a standard text plus the amount you choose to donate.

The small print: Please make sure you have the bill-payer’s permission. Some phone contracts can block non-standard calls and texts