Getting Married at MPC


Many couples choose to get married in Church. Making your vows before God in a service of worship and prayer can make it a very profound occasion. You can download more information about getting married at MPC here.

If neither of you are divorced, you are entitled to be married at the church of the parish where you live, or at the church you regularly attend, provided you are on that church's Electoral Roll.

If you don't live in our parish, you must be able to prove that you have a "qualifying connection". The 7 connections allowed by law are listed on the Church of England Weddings website here. You will need to complete an extra form and provide some evidence of the connection (e.g. a copy of a letter or a certificate).

Our parish boundary can be seen here, or you can use the C of E weddings website to check which parish you live in by putting your post code in the search box provided. 

For couples where one or both partners are divorced and their former partner is still living, there is no obligation on a parish or a priest to conduct the ceremony. Not all clergy are prepared to do so. At MPC, we are willing to consider these situations. However, we are required to take you through an additional procedure before a booking can be made. You must also provide the original copy of the decree absolute (they have a red court stamp). We cannot book a wedding without completing the process and seeing the documentation which states you are legally free to marry. Please note the Church of England's guidance states that "neither of the parties should normally have been married and divorced more than once".

It is a legal requirement that all couples provide some identification before their marriage can be registered - a passport or driving licence are best. If at all possible, bring this to the booking meeting.

Please note that the Church of England does not have authorised services to celebrate, or the legal power to register the marriage of same-sex couples.

What Will it Cost?

The current fees table for weddings at our church can be downloaded here.

Flowers by special arrangement with Flower Guild.

Thank you to Shelley and Andrew Hall for letting us share their special day

Photographs of wedding courtesy of Greystone Photography  ©2009. 

Until we have a new Rector in place, please contact:
Rector: Rev'd David Bolster 
Telephone - 07709 512656  email:

The Church of England website also contains very useful information, please click here to take a look.