Fellowship Group


What is it?

The Fellowship Group meet on the last Tuesday of each month at 7.30.pm in the upstairs room of the Memorial Hall.

Speakers are invited to talk on a variety of subjects and occasionally visits are arranged to outside venues.

If information is required about our group please speak to Rev. Anne Cunliffe, Phil Ramsden or Karin Ramsden

Fellowship Group Dates 2017

31 January Fellowship Meal at Morecambe Hotel

28 February Pilgrimage to Santiago - Mary Bolster

28 March Salt Ayre and Keighley Walk - David Scriven 

25 April History of Ripley Hospital – David Bateman

30 May Visit to South Africa –Victoria Blundell

27 June Visit to Lebanon Part 1 – Lisa Toner

25 July Cruising – Freda Addison

29 August No meeting

26 September David Rush

31 October Street Pastors

28 November Jono Peatman on his new work with Christians Against Poverty. Learn more here.

26 December No meeting – Boxing Day!!