About Us

Morecambe Parish Church has always had a choral tradition. In days gone by, the choir consisted of boys and men - with two or three ladies strategically placed behind a pillar to sing contralto! Females in church choirs were merely brought in to cover for the shortage of male altos so you could say they were just tolerated. How things have changed over the years! Our church choir at the moment consists of around 31 members of all ages, shapes and sizes – both male and female. But we always have room for more!

The Routine

During term times we practice on Thursday evenings and are in our stalls robed up to sing on three out of four Sunday mornings (and some evenings). On the all-age Sunday, we join the congregation. There are sometimes special services like the Carol service at Christmas, weddings, concerts and opportunities to sing with people from other churches. Details and arrangements are given well in advance.    

The Commitment

Choristers are expected to attend regularly during term-time. As in sport, every member of the team is important. A choir needs the same type of commitment as a football or netball team. However, if you’re away for the occasional weekend, that’s fine - all we ask is that we are told in advance.  

The Uniform

Probationers wear purple cassocks.
A white surplice is also worn upon full admission to the choir.   

Do Choristers Get Paid?

Young choristers receive a modest quarterly payment according to attendance. Those who make good progress through the various stages of the choir, and therefore take greater responsibility, are paid more. This arrangement continues up to the end of Year 11. There are sometimes opportunities to sing at weddings for which everyone is paid a fee. 

Singing Works Wonders

For young musicians, singing works wonders for their musical ear, and for their sight-reading ability. There are other educational benefits too: a capacity to learn things quickly and to memorise, reading skills, concentration and self-discipline, working as part of a team with increasing responsibility, an ability to handle performance pressures, organisational skills and self-confidence… From the social point of view, we have parties, barbecues, bowling trips and outings. We use the Royal School of Church Music (RSCM) ‘Voice for Life’ medal scheme, which covers all aspects of singing in a church choir, from musical skills to good breathing and singing technique to Christian training. Use the link below to access The Royal School of Church Music web site.

Taking It Further

Some of our young people have regularly sung in cathedrals all over the north of England as members of ‘Northern Cathedral Singers’. Use the link below to access The RSCM Northern Cathedral Singers web page. Some go on courses, which combine singing with other activities – these are always great fun! Some even go on to study Music at college or university. Use the link below to access The Morland Choristers Camp web site.

A Wonderful Opportunity

Boys and girls aged from 7 or 8 and over are welcome to join our choir. No previous experience of singing is necessary, although an ability to read well is helpful .If you are interested in joining our choir yourself or would like your child to benefit from the musical education the Choir of Morecambe Parish Church can offer - or you are thinking about it and would like to talk to those involved -please talk to Marilyn after a service or email:-

Our leaflet with details of everything at MPC suitable for children and families can be downloaded here.

News and Events

The choir often participates in wider musical activities, including RSCM Area events. Each year, a number of choristers attend the RSCM Area Festival at Blackburn Cathedral, where awards are presented. (See below) All our wider events give people the opportunity to sing and socialise with others who do a similar job in their own churches.