Baptism Preparation Meeting Dates.

The next dates for Baptism Preparation evenings are:  Tuesday 1 Aug, 5 Sep, 3 Oct, 7 Nov & 5 Dec 2017. Further dates tbc.

Meets in the War Memorial Hall Cafe.

Baptism and Thanksgiving Services

The birth of a child is an exciting event. many parents want to celebrate this in church, seeking prayer for themselves and for their child. The Church of England has two different types of service.

A Service of Thanksgiving

A service to thank God for the birth of your baby. This doesn't have the commitments and promises of a baptism service. Some people have a Thanksgiving Service for their baby soon after they are born and have a Baptism Service at a later date. A thanksgiving service would usually be held during the 10.00am service.

Please contact the Rector Rev’d Mike Peatman on 01524 410941 or email: to arrange a Thanksgiving Service.

A Baptism Service

Baptism contains some very important commitments for the parents and godparents. The basis is that the children who are baptised will be brought up as Christians within the Church. It is important that the child learns about God’s love for us, and to follow Jesus. You can also be baptised as an adult believer.s

Godparents - what is their role?

A child’s godparents undertake to play a role in the Christian upbringing of the child. We would strongly recommend that you do not choose your godparents before speaking to the Clergy of the Church. Godparents must have been baptised themselves.

Can anyone be baptised at Morecambe Parish Church?

If you live in the parish of our church we are happy to offer Baptism even if you are not yet a regular church attender. It is a great way to start or renew a commitment to God and his people.

Are we eligible to have a service at Morecambe Parish Church?

Baptism should normally take place in your own parish church, as that is usually the best community to put your promises into practise. So, if you:

(a) live in our parish or 

(b) regularly attend our church then MPC is the right place for you.

If you live outside our parish boundary, you ought to have a strong connection with our church. We will also ask you to contact your own parish priest (or if no priest, a churchwarden), as you need their goodwill before making any arrangements. We can provide contact details if you need them.

How do I arrange a Baptism?

If you wish to proceed with baptism, you will need to attend one of our Baptism Preparation sessions. They usually take place on the first Tuesday of the month at 7pm in the War Memorial Hall Cafe. We provide a short presentation about baptism and how it relates to following Jesus. We'll talk through the practicalities - parish boundaries, godparents, the service itself and also how we might help you to fulfil the promises you will be making. 

Refreshments will be available and if you are ready to make a booking on the night, you can do that as well. One of the clergy is usually present to answer any more specific questions. We recommend that you arrange a babysitter and we promise to finish by 8pm at the very latest.

Will someone come to see me?

A Baptism Visitor will contact you and arrange a time to come and visit you a few days before your service. They will come and fill in forms and talk to you about the service and the commitment you are making. Everything is very informal please do ask as many questions as you like.

When is the service?

Services are usually held on a Sunday at 12 Noon on the 1st and 3rd Sunday in the month(and 5th when there is one!). It is also possible for the Baptism to be part of some of our  main Sunday Morning Eucharists at 10.00am.

What does it cost?

There is no charge for a Baptism or a Thanksgiving Service. However, we value the voluntary donations people make at all our services to enable the life and ministry of our church to continue to be available to our community.

Morecambe War Memorial Hall

If you are looking for a convenient venue for your celebration after the service why not hire the War Memorial Hall opposite Church? For more information on availability and the competitive rates, just contact the Hall Booking Secretary

Telephone: 07968 528880


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